Level of pressure from opponents and number of teammates back are key factors.

In the season finale of Finding the Details with Laura Schuler, Laura breaks down defence partner support in terms of defensive breakout positioning.

“The type of support that you give to one another is really dependant on the situation,” says Schuler. “I always tell our players, you gotta be constantly asking yourself ‘what’s the picture?’ What’s the picture in terms of the level of pressure that you’re under… or what’s the picture in terms of the numbers? How many forecheckers are they sending at you and how many players do you have back in the equation to help to be able to support that puck.”

We want to thank everyone for joining us for the first season of Finding the Details. Miss an episode? You can rewatch all of Laura’s previous presentations here.

Watch the full 32-minute presentation with a membership to The Coaches Site.

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  • Laura, Your presentations were always excellent. I haven’t missed a single one and will miss them. The chalkboard and video support was crystal clear and very well organized. Thanks

Laura Schuler

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