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This is a really cool idea.

We’ve all been there.

Maybe it was a car wash. Maybe you were selling chocolate bars or having a bake sale.

Fundraising is a fact of life for minor hockey teams, in order to help pay for tournaments, jerseys, and other expenses. Traditionally, they can be time intensive, while sometimes not earning a whole lot of money in the end.

And the worst part? They often end up in burdening close friends and family to buy things they don’t want or need.

FlipGive is giving teams an alternative.

“As parents with kids enrolled in team sports and arts programs we were constantly having to sell cookies and host car washes to raise money year after year. We knew there had to be a better way,” said Mark Bachman, co-founder and CEO of FlipGive. “After a long search through candy and pizza fundraising companies, we couldn’t find a solution that we liked… so we decided to build our own.”

The team funding app allows you to create a virtual team for free, setting up your full roster of players, then inviting parents, friends, and family to help reach your fundraising goal.

You earn money for your team by shopping online and in-store on items you actually want, using FlipGive, with a percentage of each purchase automatically donated back to your team.

You can request and receive your funds when your team needs them, free of charge and without fees.

Basically, you get paid to shop.

As a bonus, teams that raise $100 by November 30 will earn a matching $100 grant from FlipGive to help with costs this season.

FlipGive has partnered with a number of high-profile brands, who have seized a chance to give back to the community.

Some sport-specific brands involved with FlipGive include: Pro Hockey Life, Sport Chek, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gongshow, Hockey Shot, Hockey Monkey, and Under Armour. Non-sport specific brands that have partnered with FlipGive include: Walmart, Home Depot, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sobeys, Esso, and Amazon, among others.

Teams are already taking advantage of FlipGive, with the Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey Association raising $9,800, for example. The Toronto Leaside Wildcats raised $5,900, which included money raised by buying custom face masks, with the Leaside logo on it, for parents and kids.

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