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In this instalment Coach Adam Nugent-Hopkins (Lead of Fortius HockeySTRONG Program) provides an introduction to the Glide Platform Series, a sequence of movements that can easily be integrated into a dryland, practice, or game warm-up to reinforce proper hockey posturing. The Glide Platform Series can be performed with minimal equipment (in this video we utilize some rubber tubing, which can be purchased at any fitness supply store) and in minimal space.

Each of the movements build off of the Glide Platform or Glide Posture, which Coach Adam describes early on in the video. Each movement starts and ends in Glide Posture. Reinforcing this basic position is a key component of our daily movement preparation, as it builds great posture on and off the ice and requires only a few simple cues:

– feet flat (steel on the ice) and shoulder-width

– sit back until shoulders and knees are over the toes

– back flat (like a hockey stick)

– eyes up

We have included several dynamic variations in this video, which challenge the athlete to demonstrate mobility, stability, and coordination through various patterns while maintaining an awareness of their Glide Platform. There are endless variations of movements that can be performed, however with hockey players we like to emphasize multi-planar hip mobility, thoracic or upper back mobility, and hip and core control.

Give it a shot:

1) Teach Glide Platform – give athletes 5-6 reps of just finding good posture, relaxing, and finding again

2) Pick 4-5 Dynamic Variations and perform 8-12 reps per side (for complex movements like the 4-Way Lunge Series, make this 8-12 total movements) before moving on to your speed prep

3) Keep your cuing simple – focus on consistently reinforcing Glide Posture with the cues that make sense to your athletes

4) Get creative – examine the sport, see what patterns you can come up with

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The Fortius HockeySTRONG program is the premier hockey strength and conditioning program in British Columbia. Led by Adam Nugent-Hopkins, our team of coaches at Fortius offer year-round elite and developmental training services. HockeySTRONG programs are based off of the Triphasic philosophy which focuses on lumbo-pelvic mobility, proper muscular activation and functional motion all needed to be a successful athlete in the sport of hockey.


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