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It's free because it doesn't cost your heart or your legs anything.

While we often talk about edge-work in the game of hockey, Joachim Ahlgren Bloom, the owner of JRM Skates and Skills, talks about its value.

If you can turn well on your skates, you actually “win time,” he said at our Virtual Hockey Summit.

In fact, he says you can consider it “free speed.”

“Free speed, in my world, is when you get your body to follow the turn and you get the feeling that someone is actually pushing you in your back, so you get extra speed. It doesn’t cost your heart or your legs anything.”

Watch the full 26-minute presentation with a membership to The Coaches Site.

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1 comment

  • Great stuff…love it. Just curious on one of the drills you had them go hand then elbow one way but then in the next 1/2 circle you had them just go on one hand and not elbow. Will you switch sides of the rink and change the direction of the drills? Thank you!