Finding a Hockey-Life Balance, with Detroit Red Wings’ Jay Varady

Glass and Out Hockey Podcast - Jay Varady
"I don't think it's 24/7 hockey for me. I think you've got to stay fresh, you've got to stay energized, you've got to find some things to do away from the rink."

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In episode 215 of the Glass and Out Podcast, we we’re joined by Detroit Red Wings Assistant Coach Jay Varady.

Currently in his first season with Detroit, Varady has had a remarkable trajectory since his early coaching days with Union College and the WHL’s Everett Silvertips. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, he credits his success and longevity in the game to his ability to balance life at and away from the rink.

While the stereotype of the coach who never leaves the rink is common in the hockey community, Varady stresses the importance of finding an environment and scheduling that works for each coach as an individual. For him, you have to be able to leave what happens at the rink, at the rink.

“I don’t think it’s 24/7 hockey for me. I think you’ve got to stay fresh, you’ve got to stay energized, you’ve got to find some things to do away from the rink.”

Hear Varady discuss the origin of analytics in hockey, implementing process & structure into a program, and how to navigate when to make the jump in one’s coaching career.

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