Teaching Players How to Read the Game, with TCS Contributor Greg Revak

Glass and Out Hockey Podcast - Greg Revak
"It's guiding the attention and mind of what are the cues, what are my reads. So rather than a hard system, you're guiding the reads and the reacting."

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In episode 223 of the Glass and Out Podcast, we welcome The Coaches Site contributor and upcoming TCS Live presenter, Greg Revak.

Revak is also the writer of the Hockey IQ newsletter and host of the Hockey IQ podcast.

Best known for his deep dives into the X’s & O’s or tactical side of the game, Revak’s work often goes outside the game, and in some cases sport, to find inspiration and to reinforce his thinking when it comes to teaching the hockey and specifically, developing the cognitive ability of players.

When it comes to improving a player’s ability to read the game, Revak is a big proponent of the “guiding eyes, guiding mind” philosophy, which is all about allowing your players to coach themselves.

“There’s knowledge of the game and knowledge in the game. Knowledge of the game is understanding patterns and general concepts. It’s guiding the attention and mind of what are the cues, what are my reads. So rather than a hard system, you’re guiding the reads and the reacting.

Listen as he discusses the evolution of the weak side D, why point shots suck and the traits required by a successful coach in today’s game.

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