Training the Mind of Young Athletes with Hockey Entrepreneur Lee Elias

Glass and Out Hockey Podcast - Lee MJ Elias
"We all understand the importance of going to the gym...But then we talk about the mind, it's always like 'we'll get to that.'"

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In episode 219 of the Glass and Out Podcast, we’re joined by Lee MJ Elias, who is best described as a bit of a Swiss Army Knife in that he has accomplished a lot in our game, in a number of different roles.

Elias is currently the Co-Chair of the Hockey Operations Committee and Assistant Coach of the Puerto Rico Men’s National Team. He is the co-host of the Our Kids Play Hockey Podcast, which was awarded the Top Hockey Podcast by the Sports Podcast Awards in 2022, and an award-winning author for the books WIN: What Every Team Needs to Know to Create a Championship Culture and co-author of When Hockey Stops.

On top of all that, he is also the founder and CEO of the Game Seven Group, an organization committed to helping leaders in sport take their organizations to the next level. Through his work with Game Seven, Elias is on a mission to help individuals come together to form high functioning teams through an emphasis on mental training, something he believes should start at a young age.

“We all understand the importance of going to the gym, or for hockey, we all understand the importance of knowing what a 1-1-3 is. But then we talk about the mind, it’s always like ‘we’ll get to that.’ You need this as much as you need them to be physically fit.”

Listen as he shares how to best manage your time to ensure you get the right stuff accomplished, strategies for growing the game, and why sports is a vehicle to bring people together.

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