Why Empathy is the Most Important Leadership Skill, with Performance Coach Ryan Blanck

Glass and Out Hockey Podcast - Ryan Blanck
"Players need to be heard before they can start to listen."

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In episode 216 of the Glass and Out Podcast, Ryan Blanck, Performance Coach and upcoming TCS Live presenter, stops by.

Blanck is the founder of the performance coaching company Deviate. To date, he has worked with over half of the team’s in the NFL, including the league itself, the iconic entertainment industry agency the William Morris Endeavor, professional athletes, leading universities such as Penn State, Clemson, Vanderbilt and Stanford, along with executives from major corporations to start-ups.

As Josh Torris, Vice-Presient of the LA Chargers puts it, “Simply said, he’s ‘The Horse Whisperer’ for NFL Executives.”

Blanck will be joining us at TCS Live, taking place this June 22-24 at the University of Michigan. If you haven’t got your ticket yet, what are you waiting for!? Secure your seat at hockey’s premier coaching conference.

You can expect him to dive deep into the topic of leadership, while providing strategies and best practices for developing critical skills like empathy, which he believes is the number one neglected tool by all leaders.

“We define empathy as perspective taking. Most people get it confused with sympathy…No. There is one major component that erodes leadership, and it’s poor communication behaviour. Players need to be heard before they can start to listen.”

Listen as he discusses why empathy is the number one skill needed by leaders, what erodes culture, and what it takes to be a leader worth following.

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  • It’s solid. Not trying to be frustrated. I love knowing what is out there. I get these interviews are not wanting to give their info out for free. Just kinda frustrating a lot of these are just infomercials wanting us to buy more. I limited time for youth hockey coaches that want to be all they can be is hard. Hoping this site helps me.

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