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Progressing puck protection drills with Canucks skills coach Glenn Carnegie (VIDEO)

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“I want to get that puck with body position already established.”

For Vancouver Canucks skills coach Glenn Carnegie, it’s not just about teaching skills, it’s about teaching the right skills at the right time. Puck protection and other drills and methods Carnegie creates are born out of a deep understanding of how hockey players work, how they think, and what they need to feel confident.

It’s a lot easier to protect the puck when you’re confident. In one of our on-ice presentations at our 2017 Hockey Coaches Conference, Carnegie worked with a handful of midget and junior hockey players to demonstrate puck protection techniques he uses at the NHL level.

One of the best things about these on-ice videos is watching the pros in action. Their movements, their terminology – it’s all so valuable. Watch below as Carnegie establishes body position before retrieving the puck.

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