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Katy Jo West was a highly competitive figure skater for nearly 15 years. When she was 16, former NHL player and current Tier 1 coach Doug Smail asked West to take part in teaching edges to the players in his annual summer power skating camp and that’s where her passion for coaching power skating started. Today West runs Katy Jo Power Skating, which offers on-ice sessions, virtual learning, coaches certification and more.

“Katy blends her own experience, and techniques she acquired as a competitive figure skater, to provide her athletes with not only fundamental skating skills, but a skating foundation that enables them to become truly dynamic players,” said Aaron Wilbur, The Coaches Site Founder. “By making her training fun and engaging, for beginners all the way to pros, Katy has quickly become an industry leader when it comes to equipping players with the tools to compete in an increasingly fast paced game.”

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