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Mike McGinnis is a student of the game and loves to study hockey’s finer and often overlooked details in an attempt to create clarity. His personal approach utilizes video examples coupled with descriptive language and game like training scenarios. Through his various roles, including Coach Development with Hockey Alberta, McGinnis is on the ice with more than 500 athletes annually, which has been instrumental in applying and experimenting with learned techniques.

“Mike brings an appreciation of the ‘Hard Skills’ and overall a very detailed approach to breaking down the mechanics of an individual skill,” said Aaron Wilbur, Founder of The Coaches Site. “I’ve been impressed by his ability to communicate not just the execution of a skill, but also its various applications in a game setting.”

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  • Very informative and enjoyed the game like drill scenarios. Are the drills that you presented available in the site.

  • @PeterRooney Glad you enjoyed the presentation! We’ll be putting together a eBook with all the drills from the Global Skills Showcase as a “take home” resource for all attendees. Stay tuned for its release in the coming weeks!

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