Global Skills Showcase presenter spotlight: Rudgard & Lavrov

The Coaches Site - Global Skills Showcase - Rudgard & Lavrov
Anton Rudgard & Andrei Lavrov, two Global Skills Showcase presenters. Read about the unique skills they bring to the event!

The Global Skills Showcase features the world’s best hockey skills coaches bringing their expertise to you.

Exclusive to members of The Coaches Site, this five-day virtual event, running from March 6-10, 2023, will dive into the key elements and fundamental skills needed to develop elite hockey players.

Join more than 10,000 coaches who are levelling up their game and filling their toolbox with the most innovative and progressive coaching resources available.

Who have we chosen to present at this year’s event? Great question. Meet Anton Rudgard & Andrei Lavrov.

The Coaches Site - Global Skills Showcase - Anton Rudgard

Anton Rudgard is an ex-professional hockey player from Sweden, who is working full-time as a Development Coach with QuickTurn Hockey Development. Rudgard specializes in creativeness using irrational drills and skating development. He works with players from youth to pro.

“Anton’s approach to coaching is progressive and refreshing,” said Aaron Wilbur, Founder of The Coaches Site. “He provides his players a learning environment that enables them to explore the full suite of their skill set and creativity. It’s easy to appreciate how this approach enhances an athletes level of confidence and overall joy for the game.”

The Coaches Site - Global Skills Showcase - Andrei Lavrov

Andrei Lavrov has been a Development Coach with EC Red Bull in Salzburg, Austria for nearly seven years. The former Red Bull Crashed Ice athlete grew up in a hockey family and his resume reflects a passion for hockey. After working as the GM of Lavrov Ice School in Russia in 2010, Lavrov was a Development Coach with Okanagan Hockey Europe before doing the same job, and also working in analytics, for the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. He then joined EC Red Bull in his current role, which also include analytics work.


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“I’m not sure I’ve met a coach who has analysed skating mechanics to the extent that Andrei has,” said Wilbur. “While it’s arguably the most important skill in hockey, it’s also likely the most misunderstood from a technical perspective. Andrei has a lot to offer. His presentation is can’t miss.”

We’re very excited to have both Anton Rudgard & Andrei Lavrov presenting during the Global Skills Showcase. This event is exclusive to members of The Coaches Site; Become a member today to get FREE access to this coaching masterclass!

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