Global Skills Showcase presenter spotlight: Selman & Tilley

Global Skills Showcase presenter spotlight - Justin Selman & Lindsay Tilley
Meet Justin Selman & Lindsay Tilley, two Global Skills Showcase presenters. Read about the unique skills they bring to the event!

The Global Skills Showcase features the world’s best hockey skills coaches bringing their expertise to you.

Exclusive to members of The Coaches Site, this five-day virtual event, running from March 6-10, 2023, will dive into the key elements and fundamental skills needed to develop elite hockey players.

Join more than 10,000 coaches who are levelling up their game and filling their toolbox with the most innovative and progressive coaching resources available.

Who have we chosen to present at this year’s event? Great question. Meet Justin Selman & Lindsay Tilley.

Global Skills Showcase presenter spotlight - Justin Selman

Following a four year collegiate career at the University of Michigan, Justin Selman spent time with the St. Louis Blues organization playing for the AHL’s Chicago Wolves. After retiring, Selman founded Topline Hockey, a hockey development company working with players ranging from ages six through current NHL players.


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“Justin Selman has built TopLine Hockey into one of the top development programs on the East Coast, blending both on and off-ice training,” said Aaron Wilbur, Founder of The Coaches Site. “In addition to teaching elite level skills, he has also leveraged his experience as both a player and coach, to create process designed to make these skills stick in his athletes game.”

Global Skills Showcase presenter spotlight - Lindsay Tilley

Lindsay Tilley is the founder and owner of Hockey Edge Agility Training (HEAT), which provides individual and team development opportunities year round. As a USFS Triple Gold Medalist, Tilley’s focus is improving the technical aspect of each player’s skating game to include proper skating technique, maximum power, on-ice agility, and edge control. Tilley is also currently the power skating instructor for the Colonial Youth Boys and Girls Organization and the Morris County Kings Organization, and a member of the NHLCA Female Coaches Development Program.

“Lindsay Tilley brings a wealth of experience as an elite level figure skater and coach,” said Wilbur. “In making the transition to coaching hockey players full time, she is able to leverage her understanding of the biomechanics of skating, such as body positioning, posture and edge control to turn good skaters into great skaters. In today’s game, it should be a prerequisite for all coaches to have a basic understanding of how to teach proper skating technique and Lindsay will provide this to The Coaches Site community.”

We’re thrilled to have both Justin Selman & Lindsay Tilley presenting during the Global Skills Showcase. This event is exclusive to members of The Coaches Site; Become a member today to get FREE access to this coaching masterclass!

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