HCC2019 Friday Night Social: How To Climb the Ladder in the Coaching Industry

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If there’s one thing hockey coaches enjoy more than watching their team score on a 5on3 powerplay off a play they drew up, it’s standing around talking about watching their team score on a 5on3 powerplay off a play they drew up.

I’m kidding. Sort of. We spend so much time working with our coaching staff on a daily basis that it’s a sweet relief to get a new perspective. We love hearing new voices and getting new ideas.

One of the great things about our industry is it’s not just the on-ice elements of coaching that gets air-time. It’s always fascinating to hear how coaches got their jobs. Coaching in the minor hockey ranks usually comes through who you know, and what we’ve learned over the years is that it doesn’t really change.

But how do you expand your circle? How do you hear about, and then interview for, hockey jobs in Europe or other far-off lands like Winkler, Manitoba?

Well, the popular Friday Night Social is back at this year’s Hockey Coaches’ Conference, and this edition is sure to impress. We’ve got a panel of professional coaches on deck to talk specifically about the connections they’ve made in hockey and how those connections, whether organic or through plain old fashioned networking, led to their current jobs as well as positions in the past.

The Friday Night Social is open to everyone with a ticket to the 2019 Hockey Coaches Conference.

5:45-7:00pm on Friday, July 19th at the Firkin on Yonge.

Seeya there!

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