What Hockey Coaches can learn about Team Culture from Bill Belichick

Culture is a word that is overused, yet underdeveloped. Learn from the master.

Culture is a word that is overused, yet underdeveloped. As leaders we understand that culture is vitally important to maximize the performance of the team.

In this post we are going from the micro culture on the player level to macro culture on the team level.

1. Understanding the micro-culture

In order to fully understand the macro level culture we need to start at the micro level with the individual players that make up the team. Without the micro, there is no macro.

Let’s start by understanding the four stages of a lifelong hockey player’s career.

First stage: Playing for your parents

This is when players are first picking up the game. Their parents usually give them a push to try out the sport. Parents have bought the equipment and take them to the rink.

Second stage: Playing for your coach

At this stage players recognize their coaches know more than their parents. Players are trying to do what the coach is trying to teach them.

Third stage: Playing for yourself

At this stage the player gets pretty good and starts playing for themselves. They feel the empowerment of being talented at something.

Culture is a word that is overused, yet underdeveloped. Learn from the master . . .



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