Hockey Coaches: Start Your Season With Intention & Build Your People First


What we allow, we encourage.

We either coach it, or allow it to happen.

Coaches, when it comes to teambuilding we have to look inward first. We can’t begin to build a team until we are clear about our intention. It’s essential to establish clear goals and a clear vision for our programs. Before each season begins we should go back to our “why”.

Why do we coach?

Let’s face it, it’s not for the money. If we keep asking ourselves why we’ll get to the core of our true intention. I’m willing to bet if you’re reading this you believe in young people, and developing men and women of character who become the leaders our world needs.

Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” As coaches we absolutely must develop what we wish to see in our players. If we want young men and women of character who are leaders, we can’t just sit back and hope it happens.

If we plant a tomato plant in the spring and never water it, what happens? It produces no yield and dies. The same can be said about our players. If we don’t invest early and often with our players, they will never produce what we expect. However, if we pour into our players intentionally and continuously, they will develop into the leaders needed to win.

Action will lead to your vision. So now the intention is clear, what’s next? ACTION! Coaches have so much on their plate and often don’t have the time to act on their intention. There are too many responsibilities, pressures, and not enough time or resources for coaches to put a solid plan into action. The vast majority of coaches are like you and want to impact athletes beyond the game, but they don’t know where to go or what to do.

Fortunately, there is a program designed specifically to fit this need for coaches. Lead ‘Em Up has a fun, engaging, and dynamic curriculum full of coaching resources and exercises which build your players into the leaders needed to win.

Better people make better athletes. When coaches invest in their athletes, they create a ripple effect throughout their program, community, and ultimately the world. When players see there’s more to the sport than the scoreboard, and there’s more to themselves than just the player, the better they will play.

The bottom line is this: Build the people and they will build your team!

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Kyle Elmendorf

Kyle Elmendorf is an educator, coach, speaker, and writer. He currently resides near St. Louis and is the proud father to two young sons, and the loving husband to his beautiful wife, Angela. Coach Elmendorf also serves as the director of business development for Lead 'Em Up (, a company who's drills and excersises help build the leaders needed to win. He writes a regular blog which can be found at

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