CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: 1 on 1 angling gates

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Forwards must be quick and creative in this drill, which mandates working through tight spaces and finding lanes while a defender attempts to prevent them from squeezing through an open seam.

Drill description

  • Place pylons in pairs to act as a gate to skate through.
  • Offensive player X on blue line with puck, defensive player O on hash mark inside blue line.
  • Offensive player has to find lane through one of the gates (must skate through).
  • Defensive player has to close gap to prevent offensive player from going through gate. Defensive player can’t go through gates.

Key points

  • Offensive player must be quick, creative and attack lane when opportunity arises.
  • Defensive player must close gap, lateral skate, stick on puck – read and react.

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