CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: 2 vs 2 barrier support

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This drill is a unique twist on a simple 2v2 small area game, showcased in our Chalk Talk series by Tampa Bay Lightning assistant coach Derek Lalonde. The role of barrier players is key as they will open up the play and force the defending team to defend their opposition while being away from the puck.


  • Drill set up as shown. Support Xs own space above far net and left side of blue line, support Os own space below red line and below lower goalie net
  • These support players can only move within their owned space, but can pass to any of the players on their team
  • Coach spots puck, and players compete 2 vs 2 in zone
  • Must make a pass to support player before scoring

Key points

  • Defending away from the puck
  • Defensive players must track the offence and take away passing lanes
  • Use support players to create space and open an attack

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