CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: The bump back

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Most coaches have either seen or personally ran the bump back drill during their time in hockey. Quick passes, tight turns, and fast breaks into the offensive zone make this a great drill for getting player’s hands and legs warm at the start of practice.

Drill Description

  • Opposite blue lines start at the same time
  • F1 loops out gets a pass from F, F1 bumps it back
  • F1 continues around with a bump back with the line they started from
  • F1 skates across blue line receives a pass from F2, F1 bumps it back and continues wide
  • F2 skates out and passes back to F1 while continuing to loop back with a bump back from F to continue the drill
  • F1 goes down and shoots

Key Points

  • Fast moving drill
  • Clean, quick, short passes

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