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CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Disruption takeaways

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This drill comes from Calgary Flames development coach, Darren Rommerdahl, as featured in his presentation at the Global Skills Showcase. With a focus on mimicking game situations, this drill provides a great example of forcing a turnover in the offensive zone and attacking the net.


Coach in corner with pucks. Place two obstacles to pass through in slot. First sequence shown in black, the second in red.

  • X  comes down and disrupts pass attempt from coach to middle.
  • X then gets away up to the blue line and turns back towards boards and attacks the net.
  • After shot, coach carries puck up wall, down wall or in middle.
  • X tracks down coach and takes puck away and attacks net for second shot.


  • Use various pass options: in air for knock down, back hand, forehand, etc.
  • Coach carry puck on different sides of body to allow player to go at them from different angles.

This drill is featured in the Global Skills Showcase Drill eBook. Click here to download it for free today!

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