CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Edmonton 3 Lane

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The Edmonton 3 Lane drill is the perfect full-ice warmup to work on zone exit passes and getting some quick shots on the goalies. Start the drill with complete open ice and then add the coaches in locations where they can put pressure on the pass reception and entry into the offensive zone.

Drill Description

  • F1 starts with a chip off the wall to F2 who slashes across and continues down for a shot on goal
  • After F1 chips, player then slashes across the ice and receives a pass from F3, F1 continues down the middle of the ice for a shot
  • F3 skates straight and receives a pass from F4, F3 continues straight down for a shot on goal
  • After F4 makes the pass to F3, they start the drill again

Key Points

  • One end at a time
  • Timing and spaces for the goalies
  • Goalies can stay down for the second shot then recover to their feet
  • Coaches, put pressure on zone exit and entry

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