CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Net wheel to 1 vs 1

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Featured in our Chalk Talk video with Colorado Avalanche assistant coach Nolan Pratt, this is a fantastic drill for defencemen to quickly transition from a breakout pass to setting a strong gap against an attacking forward.

Drill description

  • Coach dumps puck into corner for D to retrieve. At the same time, F breaks off line, into the dot lane and regoups for a breakout pass
  • D wheels around net and hits F with a pass just above the hashmarks
  • After pass, F continues down ice and goes inside, out around pylon, to attack the same end they broke out of
  • At the same time, D skates hard to top of circle, stops, back to dot, stops and then gaps up on the attacking F
  • Play out a 1v1 down ice

Key Points

  • Defencemen work quickly to get up ice and set strong gap
  • Defencemen get inside ice and use stick to prevent the forward from cutting to the middle

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