CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Over/under attack

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The over/under attack is a classic timing drill, which incorporates two quick regroup outlets into the attacking zone. The option to add pressure or block direct passing lanes can go a long way in making this drill feel like an in-game situation.

Drill Description

  • On whistle, X1 passes to X4, drives to red line and stops.
  • X1 receives pass from X4, jumps off wall, attacking the mid-lane for a shot on net before stopping at net.
  • At the same time, X2 skates length of blue line and passes back and forth with X3.
  • X3 holds puck while X2 skates to wall and then up red line, cutting across to far dot.
  • X2 receives a stretch pass from the opposite side X3 and goes in for a shot on net.

Key Points

  • Timing
  • Driving lanes hard
  • Emphasis on jumping off the wall

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