CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: 3 vs 2 overspeed sort out

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Featured by York University women’s hockey head coach Dan Church, this drill was highlighted in The Coaches Site’s My Favourite Ice Hockey Drill Contest. Simulating a line rush, this drill adds game-like elements for both the forwards and defencemen.

Drill description

  • Start on coach whistle.
  • F1F2F3 skate around D3D4 building speed through the neutral zone. Next line spots puck on one side for the rush.
  • D1D2 cannot start their skate backwards until F touches the puck.
  • F1 collects puck and attacks the middle through the dots opening up space for a wide entry. F2 fills the wide lane and collects puck to start a drive-drive attack off the rush.
  • D1D2 backwards skate playing the rush. They will be under pressure because of the late start, waiting for the F to collect the puck.
  • Forwards can use any attack option off the rush (F1 shot for pass off the pads/rebound play at net, pass to F2 for tip, pass to F3 on dot drive for shot off the rush).
  • If the attackers score, or the goalie keeps, coach spots a second puck for a 3v2 in the zone. If the D’s recover the puck they must pass to each other and try to escape to top of circles where they can pass to the coach to start a ‘break out.’
  • Once play is scored or broken out, coach blows whistle to start play the opposite direction.

Key points

  • Speed on attack
  • Drive drive — wide enty; F2 split D1/D2; F3 dot drive (patient); F1 take care of the puck and drivers
  • Attack off the rush
  • Sort out and compete in zone – F’s re-attack vs D breakout
  • Communication

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