CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Poller transition

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This drill comes from our recent Chalk Talk series with Tampa Bay Lightning assistant coach Derek Lalonde. It starts as a 4 vs 3 small area game in the middle of the ice, but opens up to a full ice battle on the “transition trigger.” This drill practices multiple skills from angling to neutral zone transitions and is great for many ages and skill levels!

Drill description: 

  • Drill starts with a 4 vs 3 in the middle of the ice, with 1 extra player from the defending team below their goal line — they’re the only one allowed in that zone
  • Play can go anywhere on the ice
  • If the offensive team scores, the coach will pass them another puck where they can continue the attack until the puck goes below the goal line
  • This can happen if there is a missed shot OR if the defending team gets the puck and passes to their additional player
  • Once puck goes below the goal line, the offensive team goes off and the defensive team transitions to offence. New defending line of three players + 1 extra enter play

Key points: 

  • Transition trigger is the point where the puck goes below the goal line, attackers get available and move up ice
  • Defencemen focus on setting their angle when they jump off the line and into play

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