CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: QB and flanker

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Courtesy of KHL video coach and contributor to The Coaches Site, Mitch Giguere, this drill will help your players master using the flanker on the power play.

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Drill description

  • D skates down the wall and pivots backwards, as the D makes their pivot, F1 passes them the puck.
  • D skates across the line with deception and F1 follows the D up, getting inside the blue line dot.
  • D gives it back to F1, who then attacks downhill.
  • 2nd puck, same start as above, but on opposite side.
  • 3rd puck, same start as above, but with both forwards. Start on (1) side. Both forwards are working on the seam pass.
  • 4th puck, same start as above, but on second side.

Key points

You can have three options with your flankers:

  1. Double one-timer
  2. Single one-timer
  3. Strong side

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