CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: 1 vs 1 quick feet

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A full ice rush taken up a notch, this 1 vs 1 will test the backwards skating speed of your defence and the creativity of your forwards, as they drive down a narrow path to the net. Be sure to emphasize the importance of maintaining a good gap and not allowing the opposing forward to create space in the middle of the ice.

Drill description

  • D1 start at opposite neutral zone dots
  • F1‘s start same side hash
  • On whistle all four players go
  • D1 touch boards with stick and skate and skate backwards around cone
  • F1 skates around cone and attacks D1, 1 vs 1

Key points

  • Forward has to move quickly to make up for distance to the attacking net, and tries to cut to the middle.
  • Defence must skate backwards the entire time and use stick and body positioning to keep opposing player to the outside.
  • Coaches can adjust the pylon positioning to make it easier/more difficult on their D.

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