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CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Shoot for your friend

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NHL shooting and scoring coach, Tim Turk shares a 2 vs 0 drill that focuses on creating rebounds and passing off the goalie’s pads. This drill compliments the fundamentals explained during his presentation at the Global Skills Showcase.


  • Continuous drill. To start the drill O1 is set up in the middle.
  • On whistle O1 swings below dot and accepts a pass from X1.
  • O1 takes puck around neutral dot towards boards and heads to the net for a shot.
  • SHOTS: Look for rebounds and low far side pad passes when shooting.
  • After X1 passes this player swings above dot and drives the net looking for rebound.
  • After rebound X1 continues to the corner for the pass from O2 to continue the drill.

This drill is featured in the Global Skills Showcase Drill eBook. Click here to download it for free today!

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