CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Shooting wide from the point on purpose

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The classic ‘missed shot’ strategy…. we call this the “Shot Off End Wall” drill. A purposely missed point shot can be a great way of opening up the front of the net – but only if the forward can anticipate and react quickly to the bounce off the end boards. Puck placement and agility are keys to making this a successful drill.

Drill Description

  • F passes to D and heads to the front of the net to screen goalie
  • D walks line and takes a shot, purposely missing wide of the net
  • F jumps out, retrieves puck from end wall and takes a shot on net

Key Points

  • D walk blue line and get to shooting area quickly
  • D get head up to see where forward is, shoot to get puck off wall and into slot area
  • D makes a decision to shot on net or for a bounce off the boards

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