CoachThem Hockey Drill of the Week: Boucher zone entry

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Inspired by longtime NHL coach Guy Boucher, this is a great drill to work in a down-low battle, along with four different options on the offensive zone entry. Start this drill off without defenders on the rush and add them in as your players become more familiar with their entry strategy.

Drill Description

  • Drill starts with coach who either dumps on goalie or rims the puck
  • 3 vs 2 starts down low
  • On second whistle, team breaks out using their lanes and enter the neutral zone with speed
  • On entry, F1 has four options:
    • Black: shot or pass off pads
    • Blue: drop pass to D1
    • Red: pass to F2 who slashes for support
    • Green: pass to D2 who jumps into rush
  • Modifications/add-ons:
    • Add two defencemen and a back-checker to make it game like
    • Add a second back-checker
    • Add a third back-checker for 5-on-5 play. Third whistle, unit of 5 starts drill.

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