Angelica Lindeberg introduces the “brave, smart and innovative" vision that supports the growth of the Swedish Women’s Hockey League.

Angelica Lindeberg has many goals as Chief Commercial of the SDHL, the Swedish Women’s Hockey League, but one is paramount: develop a growing female segment of hockey players.

Lindeberg, who presented during the 2023 IIHF Coaching Symposium, spoke for 26 minutes on the SDHL’s “brave, smart and innovative” vision that supports the growth of one of Europe’s top women’s hockey leagues.

The SDHL is working to develop Swedish women’s hockey and the Swedish Women’s Hockey League, both to develop talent and raise elite hockey players. They do this by coordinating resources, teams and committed partners.

Now with 10 clubs playing a combined 180 regular season games, plus playoffs, and 17 nationalities registered in the SDHL, the league is proud of its growth, but knows there’s much more to be done.

Lindeberg outlines three main goals for the SDHL:

  • Be the most attractive and consistent league, both as a sport and economy
  • Each club should have Swedish national players and international top players
  • Give coaches the best possibilities and tools for their development

With 7% of the population in Sweden having watched the championship game last season, it’s clear women’s hockey is on the rise in Sweden, thanks in large part to Lindeberg.

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Angelica Lindeberg

Angelica Lindeberg is the Chief Commercial for the SDHL (Swedish Women's Hockey League).

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