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How coaches can work better with hockey parents (VIDEO)

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This article and accompanying videos were produced by Dr. Cassidy Preston, the founder of Consistent Elite Performance and a full-time high-performance coach helping elite athletes, teams, and businesses increase their performance and well-being.

A former OHL & pro hockey player, Cassidy combines his personal experiences with the current research in sport and performance psychology to create relatable and practical strategies for his clients to apply.

Mental strength and leadership skills are both difficult to measure and work on. But, Cassidy utilizes assessments to help his clients clearly understand what it is they are working on. Then he provides customized programs with the necessary accountability and support to help improve the client’s overall performance and well-being.

Too many coaches focus on dealing with, or avoiding, parents. Instead, coaches need to learn how to work with parents to optimize the development of the team and individual athletes.

In this video, you will learn three effective strategies:

  1. Set the tone and set the stage
  2. Proactive communication
  3. Create clear boundaries

Check out the preview above, then watch the full video at the bottom of this page.

Also, be sure to sign up for Dr. Preston’s FREE Psychology of Coaching Masterclass on Thursday, December 10.

What can be expected in Psychology of Coaching Masterclass

You will learn about three crucial skills in coaching that differentiate the best coaches from the rest:

  1. How to work with difficult athletes or parents
  2. How to cultivate a championship culture
  3. How to strengthen your players’ mental toughness

In the 60-minute masterclass, you will learn how better understanding psychology can increase your impact as a coach and what subtle behaviours you can start integrating into your coaching practice. You will also receive a PDF summary and worksheet.

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