How to Skate like Connor McDavid Part 2: Hypnotizing the NHL

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We’ve all seen McDavid fly past defenders and slide through the neutral zone like no one is even there. Yes, he is extremely fast. But so are players like Carl Hagelin and Brayden Point, yet you won’t see these players do what McDavid is doing on the rush. Even though they are very similar in speed, McDavid is much more successful on driving wide on defensemen then the rest of the league. Why is this the case? One, he has better patterns of movement. These are patterns that no one in the NHL uses on a consistent basis, and McDavid has mastered them so that he can use them every single game. 

The second thing he does is skate differently then the rest of the NHL. The main thing he does differently is something you have probably seen him do hundreds of times, but never realized it. He uses what we call a hip scissor. A hip scissor is a way of smoothly scissoring the hips to deceptively create space from a defender on your turn. It is what gives McDavid that little extra space at the end of a wide drive that allows him to get an accurate shot off.

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