Ice Allocation: Formulating Schedules to Fit Your Organization

"...we still have to find ways to not only make it efficient and profitable, but at some point we have to build programming to allow for development."

In episode four of the Directors Club with Mike Bonelli, Mike is joined by Pete Kamman, USA Hockey Coach-in-Chief for the state of Montana, and David Laszlo, Vaasan Sportin Juniorit Club Coach, as the three discuss strategies to develop your ice schedules to accommodate for team and individual player development.

For Mike, the biggest obstacle to overcome for many organizations is a limit on available ice.

“Some of us have small facilities, one sheet, and really have to think outside the box in how we’re going to use this within our organizational structure. Some of us have a tremendous amount of riches, but we still have to find ways to not only make it efficient and profitable, but at some point we have to build programming to allow for development.”

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As we come to the end of one season and start to build on the next, one of the most important aspects of program development is the recruitment and retention of coaches. The Directors Club will discuss ways to bring great coaches in and keep them in while building a sustainable, positive, winning culture to organizations.

Mike will be joined by Director of Hockey Operations for Community First Igloo in Jacksonville, Florida, Paul Esdale, and The Coaches Site Founder, Aaron Wilbur.

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Michael Bonelli

Currently the owner of Mike Bonelli Hockey Solutions, Bonelli has over 35 years of program building and planning experience for ice hockey. He has coached at every level of hockey and is considered as an expert in youth hockey programming, development, retention, and communication.

Bonelli currently works in advisory roles with some of the best support groups in the business of hockey including USA Hockey, USA Floorball, NHL teams like the NY Rangers, NY Islanders and NJ Devils, The Coaches Site, Power Player assessment program, CoachThem drill and practice software, Edge Boss Hockey training aids.

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