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Elite Ice Hockey Drills Double Quick up Hockey Coach

Barrett Leganchuk

Barrett Leganchuk is the Scouting Coordinator for the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League. He served on the Coaching staff for Team Canada West at the 2014 World Under 17 Hockey Challenge in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Prior to joining the Jets, Barrett has spent over eight years coaching most previous having spent two years as an assistant coach with the Winnipeg Blues of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League. He has also directed and assisted in many different hockey schools in the summer months. Leganchuk holds a BA in Business Administration from Providence College, Otterburne Manitoba and received his High Performance 1 coaching level from Hockey Canada in 2010.

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Drill Description:

Forwards line up on all four blue lines. Defensemen start on red line. Extra defensemen are inside the center circle.

  1. On whistle, both sides leave at the same time, O1 and O3 (one side shown). O1 makes a quick pass to D1.
  2. D1 skates backward with the puck deep into the neutral zone; O1 stretches along the blue line as shown.
  3. D1 makes a pass up to O1 in for a shot on net.
  4. After D1 makes the pass to O1, D1 skates forward around the top of the circle to receive a pass from O2. D1 receives the pass and pivots backward, with the puck moving deep into the neutral zone.
  5. O2 moves into neutral zone for pass; D1 moves the puck to O2.
  6. O2 attacks in for a shot on net.
  7. (RED) D1 follows the play up ice for a pass from (C). D1 accepts the pass, bringing the puck to the middle and shoots. F’s stay in front for rebound.

Key Points

  • D are crucial to effectiveness of the drill
  • D pivot forward to backward
  • F’s come off boards, toward the dots
  • Change the positioning of O1 and O2 when receiving the pass from D (i.e. have the F’s post up along the wall, or come more into the middle)

“This drill was taken from a Book Called “Elite Hockey Development Drills” Published by Barrett Leganchuk.

For more information on the book please check out elitehockeydevelopmentdrills.com

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