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Fuel Your Hockey Players with Feedback: Dave Mason

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“I’m a hockey guy because of these people.”

Let’s put on our parenting hats for a second. When you ask your kids how hockey was when they get in the car following a game or practice, what do they say? What do they report was said by the coach? What did they learn?

If you get the standard answer of “good”, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Dave Mason is a hockey parent first and foremost. His passion for the game was born in the hearts of his two children. For Mason, the difference between a young athlete who receives feedback and one who doesn’t is night and day. Players need to know where they stand.

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The Feedback Funnel

Mason isn’t on an island here. How many of us are guilty of neglecting our athletes? We don’t do it on purpose, but even if we forget to talk to them at a practice, the reality is we didn’t talk to them. The coach might not remember because he or she has an entire team to worry about.

Well, we’ve all told our players to worry about themselves first and foremost, so when they do that and they don’t receive feedback … you can see where I’m going with this.

For Mason, a noticeable hole exists in the way we deliver feedback to young hockey players. It’s a difficult task for coaches, but as we’ve talked about, it’s necessary.

Because for Dave Mason, feedback is fuel. Much like motivation for Jason Dorland. Feedback can even cut down dramatically on the need for countless repetitions, a fact that would make Justin Davis and the 10,000 hour rule happy.

Check out the trailer for Dave’s talk from our 2017 conference below or watch the full presentation with a TCS membership. There’s no way you won’t be inspired to up your feedback game at your next practice.


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