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So coaches, how many times have you turned up to practice and found out the goalies are sick or not able to attend? I can guarantee it’s happened to all of us at least a few times. Here are some game ideas you can utilize!

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Game 1 – 3 on 3 on the outside, points scored by passing the puck into the square to the golden player and then the puck being passed to a member of the same team. Excellent game to teach passing, movement, support and defensive strategies. Various constraints can be introduced for more abled players; backhand passes, passes must go to a different member of the team and a pass that comes in from a side must be passed out of a different side of the square.

Game 2 – 3 on 3 on the outside and 1v1 on the inside. This game advances game 1. Players on the inside of the square must battle to get open and then be strong on the puck to get the pass away. This game simulates corner and net battles. Passes must be quick in order to be successful. Similar constraints to game 1 can be introduced.

Game 3 – 1 on 1 battle focusing on angling and strong defensive positioning. To score the puck must be held on the tyre by the offensive players stick. Constraints such as defensive player can only skate backwards can be added.

Game 4 – 2 on 1. Offensive players score by passing through the tyre gates. They must use all gates to score. Defensive players are encouraged to block passing lanes, keep active hands and feet. When defensive players win the puck they must keep a hold of the puck whilst offensive players work to regain possession. Constraints such as offensive players must keep both skates on the ice can be introduced.

Game 5 – 4 on 4. Each team has a scoring zone and net to protect but only the offensive team is aloud in the zone. Players must look to use width and gain good offensive possession in the zone. To score the puck is passed into the scoring zone, the player in the scoring zone must use a redirect or one time shot to score. A stick can be placed infront of the net to make the one timer or redirect come off the ice. The net can be removed and players can score just by receiving the puck in the zone.

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