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The Ten Qualities of a Playoff Difference Maker!

In Leadership by Walter Aguilar

“Momentum favours those with intention” -Walter Aguilar

During the hockey playoffs, the games become more intense as the stakes get higher. However, there are certain players who can and do rise up to the challenge. They are the difference makers; the game finishers, game savers etc.! Their ability to score that timely goal, make that crucial safe or make a play that captures momentum for their team, are how you notice them. They are in the zone and can not be deterred by any type of adversity. They know who they are and have resolved to be difference makers. The following are the ten attributes that allow them to stand out from the rest:

  1. They are acutely aware
  2. They are present & effective in the now
  3. They accept what is, what was and their role on the team
  4. They are externally focused and determined
  5. They see and capitalize on opportunities
  6. They are confident and intentional.
  7. They are fearless/courageous
  8. They create opportunities
  9. They are 100% energetically engaged
  10. They don’t just play the game, they become the game!

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Hockey players who can embody the above attributes play with the effortless power that comes from being mindful and engaged energetically. When the games go into overtime and their legs are burning with lactic acid, they tap into a reservoir of resiliency that can only be accessed in the now. They can sometimes can even be players who you wouldn’t expect. They are the players who can tap into their mindful warrior inside themselves and produce the effective performance that their team needs.

Every playoff has it heroes. The stage becomes available to any player who can face the distractions (energy drains) that can negatively effect a player’s performance from the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social and environmental influencers. A playoff difference maker is a player who has intentionally, consciously, and confidently decided to be that, in the now.

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Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar

Walter Aguilar – is a Certified Professional Coach and COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist. Using the mind/energy connection to performance, he teaches a unique approach to peak performance. He specializes in teaching mindfulness for hockey using the COR.E Performance Dynamics energy leadership system. This is based on the 7 levels of energy that thoughts create. These affect awareness, confidence, engagement, creativity and intuition. His equation of Performance = Potential – Interference, provides a framework for success in hockey and life.


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