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Stevens Pro Skating – Turning the Defenders Feet to Generate Offensive Chances

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NHL Skating Coach Troy Stevens breaks down what good offensive players do in the offensive zone in order to turn defenders feet and generate scoring chances.

Edmonton Oilers #4 Hall with a great sequence. Arrives with timing on the Forecheck to create turnover, turns the D’s feet & finds EDM#26 for the GOAL

Hall’s ability to turn MN#39’s skates created separation

HALL vs MN 2

which forced  MN18 to come over in support, creating momentary 2 x 1 and allowed EDM#26 to get into a “soft” spot for a GOAL

HALL vs MN #2

Another great example by Paul Statsny to turn CGY#4 Russell’s feet.

Creates separation for the initial shot 


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Troy Stevens

Troy is one of the most sought after Professional Skill Development coaches in the Twin Cities. He has worked with the New Jersey Devils (NHL), Minnesota Gophers Men & Women’s teams, and 2010 US Women’s Olympic Team. He has over 20 years of teaching experience with players from all levels in North America & Europe including stops in Khabarovsk, Russia (training the HC Amur Khabarovsk – KHL), Kazan & Yekaterinburg, Russia (as a guest instructor at Pavel Datsyuk’s Hockey camp) and Mannheim, Germany (with the Jung Adler Mannheim U16 & U18 teams) Troy challenges players by blending new skills, concepts and video analysis into better players. It is his passion to seek out the best & most relevant ways to develop athletes.


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