The Winnipeg Jets assistant coach has run the NHL's fourth-best power play over the past two seasons.

No scenario in hockey gives a coach more ability to flex their tactical know-how than the power play. Sure, choosing your lineup and delivering your d-zone structure is important, but let’s face it – watching a goal go in the net on the with the man advantage as a result of a scheme you concocted is more addictive than morning skate coffee.

Winnipeg Jets assistant coach Jamie Kompon knows that feeling. After watching Blake Wheeler, Mark Scheifele, and Patrick Laine conduct power play clinics over the last few seasons, it’s fun to dig into the tactics being taught behind the scenes. The Jets’ power play has clicked at a .649 success rate over the past two seasons, which is the fourth-best percentage in the NHL during that time. 

For Kompon and the Jets, raw skill is crucial, but it’s how you use that ability that generates results. Hockey players want to touch the puck on the power play and feel success just as much as the coach does, and it’s important to evaluate who’s in the best position if you want that success more often than not.

The Jets work on component drills in their power play practice time because it breaks down the important parts that make the entire thing hum. It’s not just about throwing the players on the ice and hoping for creativity and skill to automatically translate into goals. It’s about giving those players the ingredients they need to make the recipe work.

Kompon, a two-time Stanley Cup winner who has over 20 years of NHL coaching experience, gave insight into how he coaches the power play at our Hockey Coaches Conference this summer.


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  • This great presentation would have been even better if the camera was on the screen when he was pointing at the slides to support what he says. The ensuing videos back up up his words but initially the viewer might have the feeling that they are missing something while he’s pointing up and out.

Jamie Kompon

Kompon has coached in the NHL for over 20 years, including championships in consecutive years with the LA Kings(2012) and Chicago Blackhawks(2013) as an Assistant Coach. His coaching career began with McGill University as an Assistant/Associate for 5 seasons before making the jump to professional hockey with the AHL’s Baltimore Bandits. He would then join the St. Louis Blues, where he spent 9 seasons as an Assistant, Video Coach, Conditioning Coach and Scout. After a a 2 year stint as GM/Head Coach of the Portland Winterhawks, Kompon would return to the NHL with the Winnipeg Jets, where he has spent the last three seasons as an Assistant to Paul Maurice.

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