Jay Woodcroft

Started his NHL coaching career as a video coach with the Detroit Red Wings, where he would win a Stanley Cup in 2008. He then joined the San Jose Sharks staff under Todd McLellan in 2008 and later followed McLellan to Edmonton, joining the Oilers coaching staff in 2015.

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Watching the speed of the Stanley Cup final, in particular the pace at which the Vegas Golden Knights track down pucks, forecheck, backcheck, and generally process the game, it’s never been more obvious that playing fast is the name of the game. Every coach talks about it. Every coach has his or her own definition of what it means to play fast.

But in order to play fast as a team, you have to have players who think the game quickly.

That brings us to Jay Woodcroft and his role in building what he calls the fastest team ever assembled: the Under 23 Team North America addition to the World Cup of Hockey. As an assistant coach, Woodcroft, Tood McLellan and the rest of the Team North America coaching staff knew they’d be short on experience.

But they also knew they’d have speed to burn. Check out the snippet below from Coach Woodcroft’s talk at the AHCA Convention in Naples, Florida last month to learn how Team North America was built.


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  • Jay is so slow and bad at presenting this is crazy. He’s a much better coach then this. Basically took a nap during the first 15 minutes couldn’t finish