There are lower body and upper body keys.

As the game continues to get increasingly faster, agility and quickness have never been more important in hockey than they are today.

According to Jenelle Kohanchuk, a former pro hockey player, current skills coach, and the owner of JK Hockey, it’s important to not only have agility and quickness coming out of the corner, it’s vital to load the puck to be a passing and shooting threat.

“Within agility and quickness, there’s lower body and upper body keys,” Kohanchuk said during her presentation at the Global Skills Showcase.

Edge-work, weight shift, and knee drive are among the lower body keys, according to Kohanchuk. Upper body keys are all about puck placement, including: hands off the body, keeping puck close to body, high elbow, and upper body rotation.

Check out the 37-minute presentation with a membership to The Coaches Site.

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Jenelle Kohanchuk

Jenelle Kohanchuk is a skills coach based out of Winnipeg. After a professional hockey career playing on teams all over the world -- Boston University, Toronto Furies CWHL, MODO hockey club in the SDHL, and the Canadian National Women's Hockey Team -- she retired from the game in 2018 and has brought the skills back home to develop the next generation.
Since starting JK Hockey in 2019, Jenelle has worked with various organizations and teams across the country, many of whom are Division 1 athletes, as well as those who are on the U18 and U22 National Womens' hockey teams. JK Hockey works with all ages and skill levels, with a keen eye on helping every single player become better than they were the day before.

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