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Jim Paek: Paving South Korea’s Road to the 2018 Olympics

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“How are we going to build this team?”

On the Glass & Out Podcast, Aaron Wilbur and I talk about the Las Vegas Golden Knights a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. What’s not to talk about? They’re the greatest expansion team in the history of National Hockey League, a feat that’s all the more mind-boggling when you consider the fact most hockey pundits – the media, executives, nerds who host podcasts – basically left them for dead before the season began.

And now? The standings speak for themselves.

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Why is this relevant to Jim Paek and South Korea’s entry into the 2018 Winter Olympic Hockey Tournament?

Because for Jim Paek, head coach of the South Korean national men’s hockey team, building his team is about a lot more than a simple combination of the right skills. It’s about building a family, a mentality, that can be more than the sum of its parts. Sounds a lot like the journey the Vegas Golden Knights are currently travelling.

“Through culture, people in groups define themselves.”

Jim Paek’s number one priority for the South Korean hockey team is to find players who will push each other like a family pushes each other. A family that takes care of each other and wants what’s best for each other.

Oh, and number two?

A skate sharpener.

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