Sweden’s #1 Skills Coach Shares Skating Secrets at TCS Live

Joachim Ahlgren-Bloom will be providing an on-ice demonstration at historic Yost Arena on Free Speed: Using Your Glide to Gain Speed.

There is no question that the game of hockey played today is several gears faster than the one we grew up playing.

There are a number of contributing factors. Equipment is better. Player’s training is tailored to the physical demands of the sport. And the coaching, particularly the evolution of specialists who focus on specific skills, has equipped players with tools that allow them to play at an accelerated pace.

In Sweden, many of the country’s top players have turned to Joachim Ahlgren-Bloom to assist them with mastering the skating and edge work that is now a prerequisite to play at an elite level. While the game has gotten faster, it’s not a result of players sprinting all over the ice. Players have learned to use their edges to maintain speed, while gliding and coming out of turns.

At TCS Live, Ahlgren-Bloom, and his colleagues from JRM Skates & Skills, will be providing an on-ice demonstration at historic Yost Arena on Free Speed: Using Your Glide to Gain Speed. This is a unique opportunity for coaches in attendance to pick up the drills and details that have earned him the trust of NHL stars, such as William Nylander.

For a preview of what Ahlgren-Bloom has in store for everyone during TCS Live at the University of Michigan, watch his presentation from our inaugural Global Skills Showcase.


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