How to develop and define your players’ inside game (VIDEO)

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Joe Quinn wants to see multitaskers on the ice.

As a skills coach with Power Edge Pro, Quinn knows that skills are meant to be executed one after the other, after the other. There’s an enormous need for grassroots skill development in our game, but we’re underestimating the value of putting those basic skills to work in unison. Connor McDavid isn’t just a good skater — he has incredible hands, vision, and creativity… Alright McDavid might not be the best example.

How about the middle-of-the-pack players on your team. What are they good at? Can they shoot in stride? Can they handle the puck while wheeling behind the net and make a tape-to-tape pass?

It’s not easy to be good at everything. But being good at only one thing doesn’t cut it in our game anymore.

For Quinn, hockey players build confidence with their coordination and their ability to combine skills. The inside game isn’t new, according to Quinn, but how we train for it is.

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  1. Great course! I believe PEP is some of the best training around, unfortunately it isn’t readily available in the Greater Boston area.

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