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"Limited skaters will have a limited future within the game."

“Limited skaters will have a limited future within the game.”

Those are the words of Joel Lenius, a skills coach and the owner of Skate to Excel Inc.

It’s a bold prediction, but a truthful one, as he proved during his presentation at the Global Skills Showcase on jab steps and sliding on your outside edge.

“The new generation of players skate with deception, and that has dramatic effects on defensive and offensive tactics,” he said. “We have traditionally utilized our blades to (mainly) glide and push, however in this new era of hockey, players are now also utilizing their blades to slide/shave ice.”

Sliding with your outside edge can be used to slow pace, push to space, protect pucks, and increase deception.

Watch the full 54-minute presentation with a membership to The Coaches Site.

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