And doing so with "stability and efficiency."

Skating has always been an important component of hockey, but perhaps never more than it is today.

It’s a huge part of defending, as John Kennedy Jr, the co-founder of national sport academy hockey in Australia, explains.

The Michigan-born skills coach spoke at our Global Skills Showcase about the importance of defending with your feet, in regards to generating backwards speed, with “stability and efficiency.”

When should you use backwards crossovers? When should you opt for open pivots? Kennedy explains with the help of video examples.

Watch the full 40-minute presentation with a membership to The Coaches Site.

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John Kennedy

Born and raised in Michigan, John Kennedy Jr’s career in hockey has taken him to the other side of the world.
John is responsible for co-founding the National Sport Academy (NSA) Hockey -- Australia’s leading hockey development academy helping and advising the top players to get recruited overseas and advancing their hockey journey.
With NSA John works with the local hockey community to introduce people to the game, develop players’ abilities, and help provide resources for coaches

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