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Dr. Lawrence Spriet – Fuelling Performance in the Third Period

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You likely have a go-to offensive zone face off for when you’re down a goal late in the game. Or a strategy for how to play for when you’re up a goal and the other team pulls their goalie.

Thinking and planning ahead, especially for the unexpected, are a big part of coaching.

Aside from a technical strategy for late in games, do you have a solution for keeping your team properly fuelled and your players energy levels up in the third period (and in some cases beyond)? At the professional levels, team’s invest significant time and resources to obtaining an edge in the conditioning department. It’s likely one of, if not the biggest advancement in our game over the past twenty years.

The good news is that your program doesn’t need to spend any money or go to great lengths to gain an advantage late in the game. All you need to do is pay attention to hydration and watch the video below!

Dr. Lawrence Spriet is Professor and Chair at the University of Guelph, who’s basic research examines how skeletal muscle generates the large amount of energy to compete at an elite level, particularly in stop and go sports such as hockey. He joined us at both (Vancouver and Toronto) our TeamSnap Hockey Coaches Conferences this past summer to talk – The science of sweat.

Remember the Gatorade commercials that are played during the World Junior Hockey Championships?  He’s the brain behind them.

And according to Dr. Spriet, how a coach manages their players’ intake of the right amount of fluids and overall diet can have a significant impact on a team’s performance, especially at an elite level.

“A proper diet can’t make an average stop-and-go athlete elite, but a poor diet can make an elite athlete average”

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For example, if an athlete loses 2% of their body mass, their performance decreases. An elite hockey player can easily lose that in an hour of competition if they haven’t fuelled their body properly.

In the excerpt below, Dr. Spriet provides some great tips for keeping your team at its peak throughout the game. Also, check out  Gatorade Canada for performance products specifically designed for athletes. His entire presentation is available in our TCS | MEMBERS section.

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