Catherine Andrade

Cathy Andrade is widely regarded as one of California's premier power skating instructors. She has coached tens of thousands of skating lessons to athletes ranging from minor level hockey players through NCAA D-I, PWHPA, OHL, AHL, KHL, USA National Team, Olympic Team members & NHLers, over the past 37 years.

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Why are "3-Turns" so important? Allow Cathy Andrade & Brent Burns to explain.

There was a time not too long ago that the words hockey and California did not go together.

Thanks to the addition of three NHL teams to The Golden State, three Stanley Cup Championships and work from people like Cathy Andrade, and hockey is thriving in Cali.

Andrade, the founder of Cathy’s Power Skating in San Jose, aims to provide elite hockey skating instruction to players of all skill levels and to elevate their competitive advantage on the ice. She believes superior power skating is by far the most significant edge a player can have, and that adding this skill set to an athlete’s overall performance is the ultimate goal of her profession.

As part of The Coaches Site’s Global Skills Showcase, Andrade explored a non-traditional skating move that every hockey player needs to know: “3-Turns.” The move can strengthen all eight edges, impact forward and backward footwork, and improves a player’s overall skating skillset.

Why are "3-Turns" so important? Allow Cathy Andrade & Brent Burns to explain . . .



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  • If you were to break this down even more. How would you do it?
    The demonstrations do a good job of showing advanced progressions, however, focusing a little more on some of those areas of concern and corrective element?