Teamwork in hockey and concussions

Gaining an Understanding of Concussions and Recovery Protocol


Concussions are no longer a buzz word in hockey circles. We all recognize that they pose a serious threat to the health and well being of players, and affect those at all levels. As a hockey community, many efforts have been made and protocols put in place to minimize the risk of concussions. Overall, we are seeing the results of coaches, parents and administrators becoming more educated on how to manage brain injuries.


However there is a still a long way to go in truly understanding the full effect concussions can have on athletes, particularly those at the amateur levels who don’t have access to team doctors and 24 hr care. With that in mind, we called on our friends at the Advanced Concussion Clinic to gain some clarity. ACC is located in Vancouver, BC and offers a team of rehabilitation professionals and a full range of therapies under one roof. In this way, Advanced Concussion helps it’s patients achieve full recovery, sooner, with optimal health and true continuity of care.


This video features Advanced Concussion Physiotherapist Lucy Leydon presenting on the similarities between the teamwork required for a player’s brain to function at full capacity and to achieving success with their teammates on the ice. Just like a highlight reel play, the various components of the brain must be truly in sync to execute at a high level. When the brain is injured, it’s imperative that it heals and regains full health before it begins operating at full capacity on the ice.


Learn more by watching the full video below:

If you have more questions about concussions or would like to book an appointment at the Advanced Concussion Clinic you can link to their site HERE.

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